Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Stealth Potion

Have you ever wanted to play Hide-and-go-seek and change your hiding place without being seen, or to infiltrate an enemy base in paintball without being seen or shot at? Well here you are, a potion that will let you become invisible without surgery!

2 Bothan spy noses          1 cup of Powdered Clay        10 Spider eyes       1 Nether wart

1 litre of Ogre snot             2 cups of Juggernaught blood

1 cauldron                          1 mixing spoon                      1 Hair dryer            6 Glass cups                

1 Grinder                            1 enormous gas cooker


Part 1.

1.  Pour all ogre snot into cauldron
2.  Pour 1 cup of Juggernaught blood into cauldron
3.  Add 5 spider eyes to cauldron
4.  Stir mixture 10 times clockwise
5.  Grind all clay and remaining spider eyes separately
6.  Add crushed clay to mixture
7.  Add crushed spider eyes to mixture
8.  Stir occasionally for 1 hour, counter clockwise

Part 2.
Mixture should be a light burgundy colour.

9.   Crush Nether wart
10. Add crushed nether wart to mixture
11. Stir clockwise 7 times
12. Light gas cooker and cook for 10 minutes stir occasionally
13. Add 2 Bothan noses
14. Pour final amount of Juggernaught blood to mixture
15. Turn off gas cooker
16. Leave mixture to set for 260 mins

Part 3.
(For Drinks)

17. Pour mixture into cups
18. Drink and enjoy the ability to be invisible forever

The Drinks should appear as a light red smoothie

(For chewable tablets)

17. Pour mixture into cups
18. Dry mixture with hair dryer
19. Pat dry mixtures out of glasses into grinder
20. Grind dry powder
21. Form 5x5 mm balls
22. chew and enjoy!

The Tablets should appear as an orangey red

The stealth potion was used in the American revolutionary war, World war 2 and the Vietnam war.
American revolutionary war:
In the American revolutionary war it was used by the Americans at the battle of Saratoga.
12 American troops drank the potion and became invisible. The invisible troops ran around the British column and attacked from behind wreaking havoc and chaos, potentially causing the death of the great general Burgoyne.
World war 2:
Omaha beach the attack of American troops. In the landing boats before landing again 50 American troops ate the chewable tablets causing them to be invisible. On landing they jumped off the side of the boat into the water and swam to shore. They ran up the beach to the Nazi bunkers. They entered through the back door threw a grenade destroying the bunker. The other american troops shot a Strela-3 but missed the bunker and hit and escaping drop ship carrying hundreds of Nazi troops.
Vietnam war:
Battle of Tsintsutsin the attack of the American troops. Yet again 100 American troops ate the chewable tablets. And infiltrated the town centre killing 97 people and losing 7 with blind enemy shots. The town centre was heavily guarded so the Americans had silences on their mp5’s killing the guards and everyone inside.

Warning side effects include:

You may end up being invisible forever.

You could also end up epilepsy.


  1. What an amazing potion, Stefan. Although, those side effects are off-putting!

    I like how you have integrated ideas from your prior knowledge and some of the style of the Harry Potter potions.

  2. Awesome Stefan!
    I would diffidently if it worked followed your instructions. I really enjoyed reading your writing. Great Post!

  3. Amazing potion Stefan!
    I really like all of the steps that you have put in!
    The added stuff is great!

  4. Wow Stefan. I like your steps. Well done.

  5. Awesome Stefan!
    I love your potion, your steps are really well described!

  6. Amazing truly a job well done I love how realistic you made it sound and how you added the wars (what for you was the hardest part about writing a potion?) I really enjoy reading something so well writing and I know I say that alot but it's well thought up Please if you have time write more of these potion's :) Eden

  7. WOW Stefan!
    I like your steps.
    You have done a great job
    well done


  8. Cool Stefan, Well done, Good imagination skills!!

  9. Wow Stefan that was sooo interesting and funny.
    I like all the ingrediants.
    Well done and keep up all the great work.