Friday, November 23, 2012

The Discovery (The boys side) chapter 1

      Key words:
  • Safe cycling

  • Hill

  • Skidded

The Discovery (The boys side of it) Chapter 1

Ok let’s prove something to you! This is our side of the million dollar discovery so you better just go with it ok? Good, Now let’s start off the story like this:
There were two 11 year old boys that were very arrogant, defiant,  naughty children and their names were Xavier and Stefan. Once again they had run away from school to prove to the teachers to show who was lazy. They were out Safe Cycling and had borrowed some other peoples bikes.

They were out cycling in a group with Mrs Poppins (AKA Mrs Plop in) when the teachers pet... ‘Jamen’ told us off for twiddling with his bicycle seat. The the teacher had reacted saying “You little twerps, Your so lazy!” Blah Blah Blah Blah Ok laters... so we ran away to our hideout on Skeleton Hill the scariest most haunted hill on earth.

It is said that a  small boy was once biking down the hill and his tyres blew up he skidded into a rock knocking him out and was never seen again. Our hideout was in mixed places. Some of it was in the enormous dead oak tree at the top of the hill, then there was the other bit which was at the base of the dead tree. Nobody ever dared to go up that hill so we are pretty safe there.

Before we explain about the hut we want you to promise on your life... that you won’t tell anybody about it. If you do we will hunt you down. Ok now let’s get on with it. For our hut we have a dark camouflage tarpaulin covering each part of the hide out, the tarpaulin was held up by netting that was either tied to some branches or were tied on tent pegs. At the bottom of the tree we had a mat that we could lie on. In the tree we had wooden planks and a rug over that for a floor. We had one of those portable power sockets that could go anywhere that we stuck to the side of each of our work benches so we could charge our computers and PSP’s.

When we were going up to our hut we stumbled upon a very familiar looking rock. But the thing that scared us was the old bike. With only one tyre, and the other tyre and it’s wheel in pieces strewn all over the place. That’s when we saw it...


  1. Great work Stefan. I really love your story and cannot wait for chapter two. That kid that was never seen again then you sore his bike. This story is really going well. Good luck on making the next chapter:)

  2. Awesome Stefan!
    What an amazing story!
    Keep up the good work:)