Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Close Call Part 2

Last time on Close call...

I tried to close my eyes but the cool air kept them wide open. Then I heard something... a snap then the framing gave way.

I tumbled off the bike cutting my knee open on the side of the track. I was rolling down a track at high speed. I rolled forward and bent my neck. The rest of the bike came crashing on me. In no time I’ll get to the bottom of the track. The people at the bottom screeching and yelling. Then out of nowhere a helicopter appears. A man throws down a rope from the helicopter. Then the man slides down the rope. He reaches out to grab my hand. I reach out as well. He yells fireman’s grip. I have no idea what he is saying but I grab his wrist. He tugs me up. I’m on the rope then there is a loud snap. I had broken my leg against the side of the track. The mysterious man yells up to the helicopter and the rope gets pulled up. Me and the man are pulled up into the heli.

The bike reaches the end of the track but doesn’t stop. There is a big boom as the bike blows up. “Luckily I wasn’t still rolling down the track when that bike blew up!” I say in disbelief. Then I’m pushed out of the chopper I turn around in the air and the man who helped me up, pulled off his mask and then I realised, it was the poor man who burnt in the house fire, caused by me. I look down, the ground rushes up to meet me. I close my eyes waiting for imminent death. “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, hmm this is taking a while,” I open my eyes. Everything is in slow motion but I still hit the hard ground.

I wake up. What a crazy dream! I look around in my messy bedroom. Then out of the sudden my bedroom door blows open. There is a bright light at the door. The light enticed me in. I walked towards the light like a zombie. I step through the door...
Then I wake up again! I pinch myself to be sure nothing. So this is the real world. I get out of bed look through the door. Nothing. I walk downstairs and have breakfast.

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