Thursday, November 29, 2012

A-Z of Minecraft

A: Armour keeps you safe.
B: Bucket helps you carry water or lava (L).
C: Cow drop beef and leather when killed.
D: Dungeons spawn hostile mobs.
E: Egg throw them to make chickens.
F: Fishing Rods can catch fish.
G: Gold makes clocks.
H: Herobrine will haunt your player.
I: Ice can be melted by lava and torches.
J: Jack o’ Lanterns are made from torches and pumpkins.
K: Kittens scare creepers away.
L: Lava is dangerous very dangerous.
M: Mine Shafts might have chests with watermelons in them.
N: Nether ghasts blazes and zombie pigmen spawn there.
O: Obsidian can make a portal to the nether (N).
P: Porkchops are dropped when pigs are killed.
Q: Book and Quill you can write diaries from.
R: Redstone ore lights up when hit or stood on.
S: Squid drop ink sacks when killed.
T: Temples have traps and chests.
U: Underworld that’s where you find the Ender-dragon.
V: Vines you can climb them.
W: Wolf can be bred to dogs with bones.
X: Xtra Diamonds are awesome.
Y: Yumm a feast of pork, cake, apples, cookies and pie.
Z: Zombie pigman become hostile when hit.

Thanks for reading!
by Lachlan and Stefan


  1. Wonderful ABC,boys!

    Shows there's certainly a lot to love about Minecraft.

  2. Wonderful!
    Great ABCs Boys!
    My fav is the cow one!

  3. Awesome Boys!
    I agree with Floss my favourite one is the cow one too. I like this post alot. Well done!

  4. Awesome Boys!
    I like the cowz too. I like this post alot. Well done:)

  5. Amazing you two!
    Great idea to make this a blog post Stefan! My favourite is the extra diamonds. What is your favourite?
    Well Done!

    1. My favourite is the Underworld!