Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Spoilt Brat

Spoilt Brat by Stefan 28/09/2012

Once upon a time there was a very educated, sporty and handsome boy. He had plenty of friends. 2 from school and 3 from church. He went to school and he had very nice parents and he enjoyed life!

Then one day the 28/09/2012 his parents and brother were going to Martinborough for the weekend, his father was also going to Tora-Tora. But while they were away the boy was going to Cameron's birthday sleepover party! But before that he was going to Liam's till 4:30 which was when Cam’s birthday started. 29/09/2012. Then the next day after Cam’s birthday was officially over he was going back to Liam's house for another sleepover. 30/09/2012. Then later the next day he was going mountain biking with Cam and Liam! 31/09/2012. Then the next day he was going to Angus’s for a Minecraft day.

He was a spoilt brat! And his name was Stefan!

Cool things about friends houses:

Cam: He has an Xbox with Minecraft on it, he has bought Minecraft on his PC and he has lots of medieval LEGO.

Liam: He has an Xbox with Call of Duty Black ops/Skyhawk 2/ Modern warfare 3. He also has plenty of Nerf guns, Age of Empires 2 on computer, Sky t.v. and Medal of honour on PS2.

Angus: Umm, he has his own room.


  1. Cool post Stefan,
    Is this all true or is it fiction?
    The character is also defiantly a spoiled brat!

  2. This is amazing Stefan! I like how you put some humour at the end. You described your friends well.
    Are you going to make another Spoilt Brat?

  3. I agree with Tyler - this feels like an introduction to a continuing story. We want Chapter Two!

  4. Great Stefan. I really like your writing Stefan is very spoilt. It would be great to have chapter 2. Great writing :)

  5. Nice stefan, I like how you said "he was a spoilt brat, and his name was stefan!" (It makes me want to sing it!)

    Good writing, sincerely, Teva Tait, the crazy kid

  6. That was so cool Stefan I thought it would be you but I thought you had more friends then that. Is it real or made up?