Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Production Diary

  • Day 1, 22/8/12

Hello, Hows the family? My name is Stefan and for the production I’m a sports interviewer called Chuck Charles. I am the lead interviewer which says the Introductions and conclusions. I am really enjoying being the sports interviewer, I like how I can ask question while acting. I also like how I can show emotions while doing my job. There are 3 other interviewers that I work with. Harry (Bob Bestuuk), Ethan (Hamish Hamburger) and Renee (Renee). Today we practiced our lines and did a couple of whole interviews.

  • Day 2, 23/8/12

Hi, It’s me again today we practiced with some of the other groups today, in front of Miss Hill. I learnt that I need to speak a bit more louder and clearer. I’ve been practising my lines and I’ve learnt a few off by heart. We interview these kiwi medalists in this order: Valerie Adams, Lisa Carrington, Eric Murray and Hamish Bond, Sarah walker, Storm Uru and Peter Taylor, Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie, Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan, Blair Tuke and Peter Burling, Simon Van Velthooven, NZ Equestrian team and finally Mahe Drysdale.

  • Day 3, 24/8/12

Hello yes it’s me today we practiced in the hall a bit and we have made some changes with our script.
Less questions
Less talking
More Acting
More expression

I’m fine with the more acting and expression (which I have been showing a lot of) It’s that we have less talking and questioning parts. They were changed because of time management and how exciting it becomes. Well I’m off to learn my lines for the week ends. See ya!

  • Day 4, 27/8/12

Well today we got to see some of the other groups perform. We got to see the ads, dance, Who’s got talent, hosts and other news reports. Out of the ads I think kaydens ad is preetty cool. It’s the mastercard ad with the prize of touring with the All Blacks. The Best dance group would probably be Whare’s group. The song they danced to was Transformers Skrillex. Finally I think the best whos got talent group was Breanna’s and they were singing ‘Down’. Bye Bye.

  • Day 5, 28/8/12

Ok, today we again practised in the hall again. But then while we were doing our interview we realized that we were missing the sign for Parkvale goes wild! that goes on one of the tables, so Mr M sent Me, Katrina and Olivia to make the sign. We have the sign with white pastel as the outline of the words then we coloured in the block letters with dark blue and then we used a bright red to form a spine in the lettering. We finished the sign after lunch so we had missed out watching the others practise. Bye for today!

  • Day 6, 29/8/12

Yet again It’s me, Today we practiced in the hall and we have made MASSIVE improvements! We have all learnt our lines (Nearly) and we all are acting near perfectly. We practiced all of it besides a few of the ad breaks. So today mainly was a quick day with another near perfect practice. Bye, See ya tomorrow!

  • Day 7, 30/8/12

Today we practised the whole thing in the hall. We have been practicing so much that we haven’t realized that there’s only 2 DAYS left till we go live! We have perfected our mistakes and it seems like we are past where we need to be which is great. We have come early on the deadline and we are excited. We also have now a Rock’n Roll group which dance to several songs! The production has eased its way into place I can’t wait ‘till we go live!!!

  • Day 8, 3/9/12

Tonight we are going to perform live! Today we had a final dress rehearsal and it has been improved on! We enjoyed practicing today and we are all excited about going live! WE are all practicing our lines for it! We now just need to work on our respect to others. Like we have to stop talking while others are performing. Well see ya!

  • After, 7/9/12

Well yesterday was our final performance day. I really enjoyed performing to the crowd. Everyone had a minus because of the long hour wait. Last night we had a near injury performance with the justice crew dance crew. But they got over it. Last night Mr G came to watch, which made me want to do the best I could ever imagine. But I didn’t do that. I probably got half way there. Fortunately we had a halfway break which allowed us to stretch our cramped or dead legs. In conclusion performing the production was great and we enjoyed our selves!

Me waiting during a rehearsal

The medallists and me on the right

Me interviewing Storm Uru

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  1. Wow Stefan.
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