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Metal tubes Season 1, chapter 4 Medieval age

Metal tubes Season 1, chapter 4 Medieval age


I step through the time portal to the next time period. I am in a Medieval pub. There are men around sitting on straw seats and drinking at wooden tables. “Drink?” The pub owner asked.
“Nah, I’m all right,” Everyone stops and stares at me “Carry on,” the pub owner says. Everyone else carries on with their drinks and talk.

He leads me behind the counter and into the root beer room. The pub owner was quite a sophisticated guy. He had a nice shirt and had short pants with braces, he had a leather jacket over his T-shirt. He was also wearing an apron on which was dirty as mud.
“Ye must be new here,” the pub owner says. “Hello my name is Gary Parker.”He puts out his hand for a handshake. I shake his hand. “Here when ye come in you always buy a drink.”
“Oh, sorry.”
 “That’s all right!”
“Here... I’ll be your guide around the land.”

He leads me out the Root room and outside. We are on a hillside and there is a view of the rest of the village. The dirt roads around the place stand out a lot. The cottages have hay roofs and wooden houses. “There is a small well in the middle of the town centre,” Gary says. “People throw some doubloons in and make a wish

Some Knights on horses come strolling up the hill. “There is a jostle at the army barrack at 30,000 sand grains would you like to come?”

Gary instantly says “yes!”
 “Here are ye tickets,” and he handed two pieces of leather over with the words ticket spelt on them. Gary pulls out his our glass. “It’s 25,000 sand grains now quickly we got to get there!” and he runs off down the side of the hill. “Wait up!” I shout and the chase was on.

We got down the hill. Gary was still ahead. He turned a corner. I turned the same corner but he was nowhere to be seen. I walked down the street. It looked deserted. A horse pulling a chariot sped past me knocking me off my feet. I landed in what looked like a cauldron. I was soaked. I looked inside and all I saw was a chamber pot filled with urine. An angry villager came storming out of the house in front of me. “Get outta here!” she screamed. I instantly turned, jumped the fence and ran into the forest.

I kept on running till I could no longer hear the angry maiden. It was getting dark and I could not find the village. I stopped by a tree to catch my breath. I sat down leaning on the tree. I needed to make a hut. I collected lots of sticks and wood on the forest floor. After making a hut that sat in the fork of the tree I had leaned on, I climbed down the tree. I needed to survive the night so I decided to go out and look for some mushrooms. On my way I found a trail of footprints. I followed them and found a dark knight outpost. It was made from logs and sticks and hay. As if it were a war hideout. I climbed the ladder up the tower.

When I got to the top I saw several people playing cards. I sneaked passed them to a food stache. I slowly went through the doorway trying not to interrupt the knights. I hit something hard I looked where I ran into. It was a suited night peeling some potatoes. He turned around with his sword in hand. He looked down at me and nearly instantly called the other knights.

I was surrounded by fierce vicious knights. “Where are ye from?” one of the knights asked. “Harrington village,” I said, remembering the sign saying welcome to the Harrington armour store. “Hahahahahahahaha,” The knights laughed. “That stupid place!.. They kicked us out so we joined their worst enemies Frankstone castle. “what should we do to this punk?” said one knight to another. “Take him to King Seymour!” he shouted.

In the morn I was taken to a fiery castle protected by a river of lava. With a rickety bridge to get across. One of the knights held up his helmet and lead the way. The guards of the castle had crossbows and pikes. “Password!” yelled one of the guards. The leading knight walked straight up to the guard and whispered something into the guards ear. The big Iron doors opened automatically and I was chained to 2 of the knights.

The Knights lead me into a big room with an arched entrance. I see at the end of the room two big chairs with 4 people guarding it. As I get closer I see that it is the thrones and guards that I saw. There was a big prophesy above the thrones and there was a red carpet to the throne. “This Harringtinyin was found spying on us in our decoy tower.”
 “Oh really!”
“Pretty much.”
 “Send him to the pit!” 

I stopped to ask what the pit was. “What’s the pit?”
 “Oh ye will see!”

The next day after sleeping in a dungeon and only having mouldy bread for dinner I was dragged outside to a big circle whole with stands around it. “Is this the pit?” I asked.
I looked to see what was in the whole. It was like a small pond with snakes in it. “Throw him in!” ordered the king. I was thrown into the pit. I looked up. There were heaps and heaps of people in the stands. The were all cheering and cursing me. I looked back down and a snake was ready to attack. I was not ready when it pounced. The snapping jaws of the snake seemed incorrect. I held it’s head and neck. I twisted the neck right and I twisted the head left. The snake dropped out of my hand and fell into the pond.

Another snake pounced and knocked me down under the water. At the bottom of the pool there was something glowing. I hit away the last snake and dived into the water. A snake snapped and got my shirt but I went right on. At the bottom of the pool was another metal tube, I pressed the button and out came the next time portal. I was going to lose my breath. I wasted no time and swam right in.



  1. I love all the little details in this chapter, Stefan!

    Gary Parker the pub owner was a well written character. What are the chances of him appearing again in the story? I wonder where the next time portal will take your narrator!

    1. There is a chance of him appearing.

  2. Amazing Stefan!
    It has been great reading all of the chapters that you have written:)
    Are you going to do any more chapters?

  3. Awesome Stefan!
    This story keeps on getting better and better!
    I hope there is another chapter coming:) Well done!

  4. Wow Stefan. I love your writing you write the most amazing story's. I think when you are older you could be a famous writer.