Friday, September 14, 2012

Metal tubes Season 1, chapter 3 part 2 Dark age

Metal Tubes Season 1, chapter 3 part 2


He slowly raises the sword above his head, I close my eyes and... ‘Tssinggg!’ a loud cutting noise interrupts every single one of my unfortunate thoughts. I’m not sure if it is me or him that has just been killed. I slowly open my eyes, I see Frederick still standing on me but he had dropped his sword into the sand and he was clutching his chest. He then snapped something at his chest. He falls to the ground as if it were in slow motion. There is blood pouring out of his chest. I look closer at his wound. There was a tip of a fiery arrow! Frederick catches fire but he just continues liening there open eyed... dead. Another Informo picture showed me that Frederick was dead. A long and thin metal tube fell from the sky and landed beside me.

I got up on my knees and looked at the tube. It had a message engraved on the side for eliminating Europe from the competition. I open up the metal tube and I look inside. I see a bow of gold and arrows of diamond. Yes I think to myself finally I can show off my bow skills. Then another Informo picture forms in the sky. Killings are now open! That means you were now allowed to kill other contestants. If someone was killed in a time period then everyone else would become invincible so no more than one person would be killed in a time era.

I take the bow and arrows and equip myself with them. My bow around my shoulder and my my pouch of diamond arrows around my waist. A big wave of arrows fly over the wall into the coliseum. Some arrows hit the people in the crowd. some of the people hit fall off the stadiums and into the arena. Then the war gates in the arena open. Seven Hoplites limping and bleeding come through the gates. “Lord Gunhdu’k ye self is attacking thy castle!” One of the hoplites sees someone behind me and says “Bring thy troops!”

I turn around and see a whole army of Legions, Hoplites, Archers and Warriors standing proud. Another wave of arrows rain down on the castle killing more spectators. “Villagers ye suit up for war!” says the General.
“Harrah!” reply the Villagers in the stadiums.
“And for ye, Sergent, take this...”
I look to what he was holding and it was Antoneo's armour. The lord of wars armour. “Thank you very much!” I suit up all the armour and I was ready for war.

Just at that very moment the war gates smashed! Lots of black and red armoured legions, Hoplites and Warriors came charging in. The armies behind me instantly reacted. They charged as well. I ran to the back of the arena climbed a ladder into the stadiums. All the other archers were there with me. They were raining there arrows down onto the battlefield. I draw my golden bow ready to take a shot. I looked down the arrow to my unlucky target. I shoot the arrow. The diamond arrow flies straight to the target. The arrow smashes his armour and goes right through him.

Then out of nowhere another wave of arrows hit the castle. Most of the archers around me die in valour. I run across the stadium and reach the front of the arena closest to the walls. I peer over the wall and see enemy archers aiming and firing. The archer that was beside me falls to the ground. I look into his arrow pouch. It was filled with fire arrows. I quickly draw out one of the arrows. I draw my bow aim at the fields the archers were hiding in and fired. The arrow hit the wheat fields and burst into flames. All the enemy archers burned to the bones.

I turned around looked back at the battlefield. Seeing only the general and an enemy sergent everyone else dead. The general was in a headlock by the enemy sergent. The sergent pulled out his sword and held it to the generals throat. “Ye shoot I kill thy stupid general!” he screamed. I draw my bow with a diamond arrow. “Don’t do it!” yelled the general. I let the arrow fly. It hit the sergent in the head killing him instantly.

I jump down the ladder towards the general. He had a massive cut across his leg. “You all right?” I said.
“Good, what happened with your leg?” I asked
 “Long sword, by the idiotic sergent!”
“Who were those people?”
 “Foot soldiers of Lord Gunhdu’k” he replied
“One of you soldiers said he was here himself. Was he?” The general pounded open his eyes. “Turn around,” he said. And there he was with his bow down as if he had just shot. I look back down at the general. The arrow hit his chest.

The general ripped it out. And there at the tip was lots of blood, his chest was squirting out lots and lots of blood. The arm holding the arrow of the general drooped dramatically. He was dead. I turned back around. Lord Whatsthename had his bow drawn aiming at me. “Any last words!” he said.
 “Well say them!”
“Cheese!” The lord fired it went straight through my chest. The pain was immense. But it had no damage because I was invincible. I drew my bow shot once, twice three times. The first arrow hit Lord Whatsthename's head, the second hit his chest and the third one hit his heart. At that very moment the time portal appeared. “Victory and Defeat” I screamed. “But with no pain no gain!” I step through the portal to the next time period.



  1. Awesome action-packed writing, Stefan!

    I especially like how you describe the action and the snappy dialogue in this chapter.

    How come the narrator was invincible at the end?

    1. Since another contestant was killed in the time era!
      And in the 2nd Paragraph last line it says that once someone is killed in a time era no one else can be killed!

  2. Amazing Stefan!
    I like how you made the general die, I did not expect that!
    So far this Metal Tubes chapter is my favourite!
    What is yours?