Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Metal Tubes Season 1, chapter 3 part 1 Dark age

Metal tubes season 1, chapter 3 part 1


I step through the portal. ‘TZTZTZTZTZTZ’. I’m now in the dark age. The first thing I see is the beautiful sunrise and a clear blue skies. No mountains or hills on the horizon just the flat horizon. Also the dew on the fields and grass and the constant clip clop of horse hooves pulling chariots along. The wheat fields have workers in them with scythes cutting the fresh harvest. The gravel road reminds me of the parks back home. Oh do I wish I were back.

I turn around to see a beautiful, tall, stone made castle with blue flags on each of its temples in the distance. The walls around the castle seem to be perfectly tall and perfectly thick. I walk over to the grey, white and blue castle. the entrance was Huge!!! There were 5 archers on top of the walls and 10 Hoplites at the entrance gate. My thoughts were interrupted with a loud “Halt!”

One of the hoplites march up to me and asks for my ID in numbers. I make up some random numbers and say them. “472084628” He stops and says “What!” And I say I’m new to the place he takes me inside, turns and shows me to the Armory Room “Choose ye self thy armour,”I pick up General X class chestplate, some viper LTjones lightweight leggings, some viper LYfredrick arms and a Sergent VB scolded Helmet. The hoplite fits the armour onto me and says “Ye must fight thy servant to prove yeself’s place in thy castle!” I looked like Rick Gongavich from Rise of the Black Knight it was so cool. 

“Choose thyself a weapon and shield.”
I pick up a light long iron sword and a big skinny Roman shield.

The next thing I knew was that I was inside a coliseum like fighting arena. Getting ready to fight someone else. The stands were filled  with thousands of people. The sand beneath my feet was as smooth as silk. There was a guy in complete black picking up something off the sands. I got a sneak peak. It was a dead person without a head. Then the guy ran back to the middle of the arena to pick up the dead person’s head. All that was left of the guy was a puddle of blood in the arena.

The crowd was shouting fight, fight, fight over and over again. Then the crowd went silent and a loud voice broke the silence. “Let the games begin!” I look to see who was coming out from the gates. It was another time traveller... Frederick Guy from Europe. Europe’s time travellers were great fighters, so I don’t think I’ll have a chance of winning this fight to the death.

“Fight!” My competitor instantly charges with his sword pointing out. I leaped to the side with a narrow dodge I stumble to my knees I get up and he’s there with his sword raised high above his head about to strike. I lifted my sword just in time to block his attack. I swing at his belly. My sword slices open his armour. Frederick looked a bit like a Roman now! I slash my sword at his head, he blocks then he strikes at my legs I stop it with my sword, then I hit him with my shield. With that I rolled over his back. With my shield at  my chest I wasn’t ready for a blow in the face. He swung round and sliced the side of my helmet.

I stumble and fall to the ground I look up. He puts one of his feet on the wrist I was holding my shield. And the other one on my chest. He slowly raised his sword above his head and...



  1. Amazing Stefan!
    This piece of writing is great.
    Good idea to do it in parts!
    Keep up the great work:)

  2. Great piece of writing. I love the whole season. Your a great writer. I like that your using great words. Well done!

  3. Wow Stefan. That is such an amazing story I can't believe me eyes. That such amazing story. You have got hooked I can't wait for the next one.
    From Amy :)

  4. I agree with Felicity, Amazing writing Stefan I can't wait for the next chapter! How did you think of this amazing piece of writing?

    1. I got the idea from hunger games!

  5. Amazing Stefan!
    I like how the person you face is another competitor!
    How did you get the idea of this story?

  6. Like Isaid from the hunger games.

  7. WOW Stefan, an original and spellbinding story. We have so enjoyed sharing your story with the class. Everyone listened in silence waiting for the next action. Do share your next chapter with us too please.

    1. I've shared the series that I've made so far with you.