Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Metal Tubes Season 1, Chapter 2 Ice age

The Metal tubes Season 1, Chapter 2


I stumble and fall, I roll down the side of a big Icy cliff. I try stand up but I’m weak from the fall. I fall down back onto the ice cold ground, the ice looks very smooth and settled. A gentle breeze blows some of the loose ice to make it like a small sand storm just with ice.  I roll over onto my back and I look up. It’s very dark and the only light I see are the stars above.

Then a big picture appears in the sky. It’s another informer picture. They inform you on the person who is trapped in the recent age or anyone who has been killed. If someone is killed that means that the portal will allow everyone besides the dead person in. It says the 2 people that are stuck in the time eras. 1 killed Dino age: John Percy, Europe, 1 lost: James Hollow, America. That means I have to step up my game I was the final one through that last portal!

I get up slowly, I look around the Ice age valley. I find a lone tree probably the only one alive left. I walk over to the tree I rip off some vines and break off a strong stick. I see a rock that looks sword shaped, so I pick it up and place it in a groove I made at the tip of the stick. Then I get the thin vines and tie the blade looking rock to the stick. I now have a stone sword so I can kill some animals for food. Then that reminds me of food. I haven’t eaten anything since the mango looking fruit. So I climb the tree and find some berries I pick up the berries and see a small metal tube under the berries. I pick it up and press a small button and this blade shaped iron ingot springs out.

I look closer at the iron ingot it has a groove at the bottom of it. I turn it over and there is something like an iron sword handle stuck to the back of it. I separate the iron items from each other. Then I squeeze the ingot into the sword handle and then I have an Iron Sword! I grab the left over vines and tie an X cross across my back. Then I slot my swords into the X cross and I am ready to go. After collecting all the berries from the tree I decide to set out on an adventure.

I climb down the old dying tree and look around. There is a faint light at the end of the valley. I set off to find out what the light is! It takes all night to get to the light. The light is coming from a pool of lava. the Ice around it has melted so there are small patches of rock in the pool. I jump on to one of the rocks I wobble and nearly fall. I swing my arms like crazy and I meet my balance. The next rock was probably 1.5m away because the jump I did was perfect and my landing was perfect but I still nearly lost my balance.

But then there was a very loud CRACK! The valley that was covered in Ice slipped away and melted. Showing what was beneath. More lava. The melted bits of ice made more rock lily pads. A big ball of lava shoots up into the sky. Oh no it is coming straight for me! I rapidly jump from rock to rock to rock to rock and then Boom! The molten fireball it’s the pool of lava. I am sent flying through the air. I hit a small island in the pool of lava then Pow! I went out.

When I wake up I see a big black land with fire and lightning flashing everywhere. The sky was black as coal. The sky was filled with smog and fire. The land around me was hard as rock. I stand up. I see a fight going on between two people. I walk over to look closer. Then 'sstsing' a spear narrowly misses my head! I turn around and there he was. The ...........

I wake up I’m still on the small rock island. I turn to my left and there is a skeleton. I flinch and I nearly fall off the island! I look closer at the dry pile of bones there is a metal tag on one of the ribs. ‘Villa ferdent, Asia.’ It says that means the next portal will be open to everyone. I push the skeleton off the island and it burns in the lava. There is a note left on the island Katrina is coming. I stop and think for a while. Katrina is coming, Katrina is coming, Katrina is coming I keep repeating those words then... Zap a bolt of lightning hits the ground beside me.

A storm picks up. Ohh cyclone Katrina. The wind pushes my rock island along the lava pool. I look in the direction of the island. There is a lavafall coming up! I try rock the island so it hits the sides. No use. I see an overhead boulder. It looks a bit like an upside down balloon. I get out my Iron sword and throw it. It snaps of the rock like string that attached it to the roof. The boulder hits the front of my island and it sends me flying through the air over the lava fall and onto something soft. I stand up I had landed on a giant mushroom. The cavern around was still rock I turn around and there is a portal directly at my face. The time portal.

“Stop!” someone shouts. I turn around and look off the side of the mushroom. There is another person jumping from mushroom to mushroom. He had a sword in his hand. So I instantly stepped into the portal to get away!



  1. I really like how you keep the story going and link your ideas to chapter one, Stefan.

    You are giving the reader enough information by showing and not telling too much. I like how you make the reader think and infer through the clues in your text. Your language choices are outstanding!

  2. Wow this is so cool.
    I love how you have put ' To Be Continued ' at the end of your writing to show the reader that there will be more.
    Great work Stefan I can't wait to read the others:)