Monday, September 10, 2012

Enemy menu #3

Enemy Menu #3
At Boom Buffet

Guards or servants will be shot on site
All meals must be eaten in our provided titanium safes
Each meal is $5 what a deal
Each meal also comes with a ticket to heaven give too

On with the menu...

MealsOption 1Option 2Option 3
EntreeY200 soup with claymore breadFrag meatball with rhino beetle sauceStinging nettle casserole
MainCarpet bomb chowder with radiation particlesNova gas rolls with semtex spring rollsC4 pie with Blitzkrieg sauce
DesertDynamite delightTomahawk and Machette ice creamPoached Grand Slam with Bouncing Bomb Frenzy
DrinksGunpowder smoothie with tractor beesPetrol refreshment with lit matchesGasoline with oil

No refills, No free napkins and No free sauces!
No money back guarantees so don’t ask!
If you aren’t dead 7 days after the meal we will give you a free ticket to a P.O.W concentration camp!

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