Thursday, August 9, 2012

The wild Deer debate

The wild deer debate

What side am I on?
I’m on the right side. The side where we protect our plants rather than them being destroyed by the deer mongrals! I want to protect our native and endemic Flora and Fauna!
If we left them there then most of our national parks would be not so up to expectations for national park. If we leave them, also their population will explode! And that means that they will be everywhere! Imagine going on a walk up Te Mata Peak and you see all these deer from the Redwoods ringbarking the trees! They would be killing those oh so special trees.

Imagine if we just hunted them their population will grow higher. That means that even the silver fern, Rata tree and all those other endemic trees will be destroyed, then there would be nothing special about NZ. Anyway if we were to completely get rid of them then all the farmers could go on a major deer hunt. We could even bring the army in! But we will also have to use the 1080’s poison to get rid of them as well. If we put out the 1080’s poison we would also be getting rid of possums and ferrets and rabbits. Those pesky little animals are destroying our lovely New Zealand! Just kill them all and New Zealand will be perfect! If you want NZ to be the best then just kill all those annoying animals! They are disturbing Aotearoa and imagine that, being our lovely country being disturbed by those mean animals! I know that people hunt deer for a living but imagine being paid big time to get rid of deer and you will have that income for a whole two years! If you kill a deer you get it’s meat. But before you do that you got to base and weigh it then you get paid money for getting it then you have the meat to yourselves and your family! Doing the major hunt for a few years will slice their population to at least an eighth of what it used to be. Then when you go hunting for pigs and rabbits you can actually see all the plants growing again.

Imagine having all those forests that were destroyed by us and the settlers back again. That means that New Zealand can be 2000% pure and natural again! All our native and endemic birds plants and trees will not be extinct and be more common than ever! Like you could see pukekos and kakapo everytime you go hiking out in the bush. If you want a beautiful country we can also have it topped off with beautiful birds and animals. We can even be the most purist country in the world!

Pollution will be drowned if we got rid of deer. We could have that really fresh feeling everytime you go outside! You will have a comfortable life as well. Imagine being more healthy just because you got rid of the deer. Getting rid of the deer will help trees that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and that means the country will be more fresh and we could have clean air and we could be more healthy! So get rid of deer New Zealand so we can become more pure and natural!!!

So what side are you on?

By Stefan

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