Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Room

I wake up can see a looming ceiling a metre from my face. I tilt my head to the left and I can see the rest of the room down below, as if I was at the top of a castle and they were down below in the village. I tilt my head to the right and I see a big solid wall as If it were a evil barricade stopping anyone getting past.

I sit up then there is the strike of the evil dragon with its searing tail of light breaking my sight for moments on end. It seems forever before I regain sight. I commando crawl hidden from the beast to the stairs of the one bunk, bunk bed. The cold stairs rush up to met my warm feet. The bare touch of the stairs feels like a knife stabbing me with cold.

I stumble down the stairs and commando roll to safety upon my so recently frozen feet. I pick up my armour with the warmth of a dressing gown and I fit on my footwear warmer than slippers that will be used for the journey. I pick myself off the ground and sprint past the library under the top bunk, the computer on the desk asleep and the cupboard with the jackets and good tops hanging from coat hangers.

The weird switch is like the life preserver on a boat, it helps me destroy the evil dragon. I have victory but then it is interrupted with a large grumpy cyclops strolls over and...

To be continued...

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