Monday, July 9, 2012

Siege on Castle Steve!

Based on this movie but I recommend you watch this last!!!

One day I was walking down the street thinking...

“We are going to set traps here,here,here and here” says the king. “Yes sir” we reply. We take out our diamond shovels and dig a wide and deep trench around the castle Steve. I need to dig the outer row of the trench. It is a very tiring job to dig around a 700x700 square castle and dig it three deep. When I finish my job we fill the trenches with lava and put iron bases to support the entrance bridge.

We start to put traps all around the castle. We dug two down made a zigzag in the two deep holes put some TNT at the start of a zigzag, put redstone right through the zigzag and only dug one down at the en
d and put a pressure plate there and cover the rest of the zigzag with grass blocks besides the end! Then we dug very deep all the way down to bedrock and put a trap door on top of the hole, we put 3 redstone and a pressure plate to the trapdoor and put a sign on top of the trapdoor saying secret castle entrance below! Then we put the usual mines and pools of lava around the castle.

The king whistles for us to come back. We come back pick up our weapons and we stand poised up in the watch towers. We wait. wait. wait. wait but then we see movement by the hill opposite us “Creepers!” Steve says. All these monsters emerge from their hiding spots and start their invasion. All the traps work and lots of them die but not all of them. The survivors reach our lava trench and they start shooting up at us. We hold our fire until the king's call. “fire!” he shouts and the survivors get hounded by our arrows. The commanders of each monsters flee back to their cave.

The commanding monsters have a meeting about how they will destroy us. The creeper commander says that they should kill their sacred enemy the Pigzilla as a peace offering to the Steve king. The rest agree and they set off on their adventure. The group had to fight the Freezing cold to the scorching sun to get to the fellow homeland of the Pigzilla. The group see the sign saying BEWARE PIGZILLA! on it, marking its habitat.

The group wonder in. They stop. They hear. They see the Pigzilla. The Overgrown pig taunts his trespassers telling them to back off! But the group have different plans. The group charges “AGHHHRRRRRR!!!”. The pigzilla is cooked on a hot fire in their cave. The group celebrate. They stick the cooked meat in a minecart towed by a cow to be taken to the castle.

Steve and Steve are on watch duty. They climb up to the watch tower and start to wait. A few minutes later they both see a cow towing an enormous cooked pork chop! Steve calls with a whistle to us. “There is this enormous pork chop down there!” he shouts. We climb the ladder to the watch tower. “Look at it”
“It is probably a friend of the cows”
“No! It is our supper!" 

The king walks in “We are going to have a feast tonight for the win over the monsters but we just need some pork!" 
“Sir, we’ve fixed your problem,” reply Steve and Steve.

“This feast is dedicated to those soldiers who fought against the monsters but lost their lives in battle. Cheers to them! hip-hip”
“You may eat” We start hauling food down our throats have a few beer sing a few songs and have the time of our life. After 2 hours of fun and drunkenness duhhh we start thinking about the enormous pork chop in the middle of the table. “We shall now eeat da poowk chtop!” says the drunk king. He pulls out his diamond sword and...

...cuts open the pork chop! “SSSSSSSSSSSS” The creepers get angry. “Gahhh!” shrieks the king. The creeps pile out of the porkchop and start to chase us. Camotion is everywhere! boom! Steve, Steve and Steve die of creeper explosion. We all meet down in the middle of the castle with creepers up everywhere. 

“We are all going to die” we think. ‘BOOOM!’ the creepers blow up and Unfamiliar TNT drop and the castle blows up quick and painless. We cover our eyes with fear. We uncover our eyes to see us not on the 'you have died respawn screen' but with the close shave type one! There is only a 9x9 block platform for us to stand on and we are surrounded with lava. 
“Now we are going to die!” we say.

We are still in a sewer surrounded by crocodiles, only on the lid of the manhole that I fell down on because I wasn’t watching where I was going. I fell into here because of the road-works, it is still very very scary!


  1. What a fantastic, well-written and structured story, Stefan. You had this reader on the edge of his seat!

    I like how you linked to the movie you based it on, I haven't watched it yet but I will :)

  2. Wow that was awesome Stefan.
    That is really cool Stefan, it is long but great.
    It is put together really well.
    The movie was interesting.

  3. Awesome Stefan!
    You really have a imagination . All of those really good words put a picture in my mind. Well done!

  4. WOW!!! That was Assamese! I really love your story because it's so long I even bookmarked it. How long did it take you to write it?