Friday, July 27, 2012

Five revolting sandwich fillings

Hi my name is Dunglent, and I run a very famous sandwich store. I’ve got five world wide classic fillings and five new fillings that I’ll be testing today. First I’ll tell you about the five world wide classic fillings.

  1. Ham and cheese sandwich
  2. Vegetarian sandwich
  3. Bacon and egg sandwich
  4. Ham and salad sandwich
  5. Salad and cheese sandwich

Those were my five classic fillings. Everyone loves them. I’ve never had one person complain about a sandwich. I’ve hired my little brother to help me with my new fillings. He hasn’t had any training but he’ll survive. I haven’t seen the menu but this is what he made for my new fillings:

  1. Cockroaches and rotten cheese sandwich
  2. Pig stomach and fish eye sandwiches
  3. Slug and tarantula leg sandwich
  4. Horse intestine and frog tongue sandwich
  5. Beef casserole sandwich

What the! You’re fired! I don’t want to see you in my store anymore ! I want tasty not disgusting I can’t even handle you put in beef casserole! If you didn’t put in the casserole I’d be astounded, but because of the casserole I’m really MAD! Just get outta here little brother I am going to tell mum about your mischievous ways!


  1. Wow Stefan awesome and funny story what would be another filling.

  2. That is so good it makes me hungry! My favourite sandwich filling is Bacon and Egg. What is yours? My favourite disgusting one would have to be the Horse Intestine and Frog Tongue sandwich. What is your favourite revolting sandwich.

  3. I love the contrast between the normal fillings and the revolting fillings, Stefan. To pull off a good joke you need to set it up. Your normal guy routine set this one up perfectly. The normal guy going mad at the end was the extra touch which ended it perfectly, making it a great piece of writing!