Monday, June 25, 2012

The war of the Toxic Blob

Los Angeles, America, Northern Hemisphere, 1800 hours

‘SSSSSSSSSSSSS’ “The toxic blob is melting the missiles were shooting at them, commander!” ‘BOOM’ “What in the name of fish paste! It’s shooting its own toxic or ATOMIC BOMBS at us!” Shouts the sergent. “RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH” “NOOOOOOOOOOO it ate my Wife! sister no my brother as well, not mummy and daddy!” sobs the sergent over the infected commander whose gut are pouring out of his eyes and mouth. 

“AHHHHH WHY!!!” He screams, then he disintegrates. 

That means just me and a few other soldiers. I pick up my HK20 and shoot frantically at the blob ‘SSSSSSSSSSS’ the bullets just disintegrate. “GARRUUUUEEE” tortures the blob. The blob reaches out for us. I powerslide under his hand and the rest of the soldiers disintegrate. The volcanic terrain makes it hard for me to run. There is still one more working tank (unlike all the other half cut and dissolving others). I run over to the tank. The blob reaches out for me again but I suck in my guts and it misses me by a millimetre. I get to the tank. I jump into the gunner's seat. I aim the main gun at the enormous eye of the Green acid blob “3... 2... 1... FIRE!” I fire the main cannon. As I expected it had no effect. I jump out of the tank. When I jump the blob slices its hand down the middle of the tank. “lucky” I think. 

The red sky becomes more red and the sun becomes orange I know it is the end. The world is on fire my family have been killed, what’s the point of life. I drop down on my knees and I start to cry. I forget about the Blob which is slowly towering over me. It’s hand turns into a gun. It points the barrel to my head. “Any last words” (That was the first time it spoke). It doesn’t give me any time to answer. It charges up the gun and... ‘BZZZT’ the gun fires. The bullet slices through the back of my head. I’m dead.


  1. Wow Stefan!
    This is diffidently filled with action.
    I like the sounds and noises from the guns and blob. Very sad ending but! Well done:)

  2. wow Stefan
    awesome story will there be another one?
    and also what a sad story.

  3. WOW that is an awesome story!!!
    I love that you have some awesome words and huge amounts of action!
    From Brody.