Saturday, June 2, 2012

WALT: Persuade

Dear Room 20,

I think, actually I know we are wasting too much food and throwing it away in the wrong places
! We are wasting whole apples, sandwiches etc. We are also throwing it into stinking landfills instead of being clean and recycling it.

We should reuse food scraps by turning it into compost instead of throwing it into landfill, also we aren’t eating everything we can, like eating apples to the core, eating our whole sandwich. If you don’t like it just put it into your lunchbox and take it home and tell mum that you don’t like it.

The first reason is that I think, that we should recycle food scraps because we are destroying our environment by throwing it into landfill. Just think of all the land that is wasted on landfill and all the forests we are destroying to put landfills.

The second reason is that I think we should also eat our food completely because we are throwing that into landfill too. We are wasting lots of food which means that we are wasting crops and the hard work used for them. We are not eating all of the food that we are getting like whole apples and unfinished sandwiches etc.

The third reason is that now we have a worm farm, we are responsible for putting food scraps in there. If we do put the scraps in there then we will be recycling. We can also sell the worm wee and use it as well. We should have a roster for who is putting in the food scraps and who is draining the worm wee.

If we keep throwing away our food scraps we soon will have very much have a stinky town and it would be filled with landfills. If we keep throwing away the useful food scraps we will end up killing animals and hurting Aotearoa and we will be responsible for the crime. So keep lean and clean room 20!

Landfill - Enormous holes in the ground where you throw rubbish.

Recycling - Reusing rubbish.

Compost - Grass clippings mixed with food scraps to make a mineral that is good for gardens and plants.

Worm Farm - A box or crate that has worms in it with compost and food scraps.


  1. That is a well written persuasion Stefan!
    The best part of it is the bit at the end showing what the difficult words mean for people with
    less vocabulary knowledge.

  2. Stefan I think you have a good point with all the example's you thunk of. Keep thinking Stefan.