Thursday, June 14, 2012

Term 2 reflection of 2012


My favourite in Reading has been The literature circle.

Something I have learnt is  to write a summary of Invisible Clues.

My next step is to ask effective questions.


This is my favourite writing The war of the Toxic Blob.

I have learnt...

  • To hook in the reader with my first sentence
  • To write correct sentences

My next step is to use all the language of success in my writing.

I like my blog because it is tidy and has lots of what our blogging license needs.
This is my favourite post  website write up because it has pictures that I like and it has an awesome description.

I like commenting on blogs because you can start a conversation and it shows everyone else what you’ve said.

This is my favourite comment from Miss Hodgson.


This is my favourite maths The pie chart for Rubbish.

I am proud of using the chinese method.

I have learnt...

  • How to use a pie chart
  • to use the chinese method

Something I find challenging is making decimal area shapes.

My next step is to learn how to make different shapes with a decimal area.

This is my favourite art my key word box.

Something I have liked in our topic learning is our rubbish advertisements.

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is that we can have loads of fun and get fit at the same. time!
I like playing these games:

  • Soccer
  • Blob
I learn and develop the skills of dodging running and quick thinking (Blob) Dribbling shooting and being in goal (soccer) by playing these games.

Fitness helps me get fit and makes me enjoy more about school.


I’m in three choirs:

  1. The big choir
  2. The small choir
  3. And the harmony choir

I like being in the choir because i’m with a few friends as well as singing! :)
I’m privileged to be in the choirs. It is cool to be in the choir because you learn new songs before the school does and you also improve on liking your voice.

Something I was pleased with from my interview was that I was over the national standard but I need to work on my attitude to a challenge.


  1. Awesome document with fantastic links, Stefan!

    Good honesty in your reflection too. You are learning all the time.

  2. awesome story's i love the part when you said missles and guns