Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Smoking should be banned!

Dear John Key,

I think smoking should be banned because it is killing us, making us addicted and wastes our money. Smoking will ruin our lives completely! Just ban it and it will make us as happy as ever!

Reason 1:  If we keep smoking more and more of us will get killed. When we smoke it poisons us it does not help us! It certainly does not help our mouths it melts our teeth and we get tooth decay. Our eyesight is poisoned and we will become blind. Our lungs will be poisoned because it causes a toxic gas that we end up breathing and it ruins them. Our heart will be poisoned because the toxic gas will get into our bloodstream and into our heart which will stop it beating completely. It will also poison our veins and arteries because it gets into them and if that happens it will destroy our blood cells which will poison us once and for all!

Reason 2:  If we keep smoking we will become addicted like many of us are! When we become addicted we will waste too much time doing it and we will waste our time that should be used for more better reasons. If we become addicted we will also tell our friends about it and they will become addicted too. They will spread it and soon everyone will be smoking! And that means that if we’re addicted you'll find more cigarette tips lying around on the footpath. Some people are disgusted about that happening!

Reason 3: If we keep smoking we will become addicted and we will spend most of our hard earned money buying weed instead of buying food for our families (which is more needed than disgusting weed!). Smoking will become a money waster and we will become broke because when we smoke it does poison our minds so then we become stupid and keep buying it. If we get addicted we do become stupid. We don’t just become stupid and buy weed we actually drive stupidly, hurt people stupidly and do stuff that we can’t control because of our stupidity.

You might be getting money from us because we buy the weed and we need to spend G.S.T but we are actually losing our lives from it. It does kill us so you will probably be spending the money you got from weed to spending it for more space in the cemeteries for our graves. So just ban smoking and we will not die!


  1. Wow Stefan those are some great reasons and It is all true. Everyone should STOP smoking and listen to you Well done Stefan!!! Great piece of writing!

  2. I totally agree!

  3. Great writing Stefan. You would make me want to stop smoking (but I don't smoke.)Keep up the good work.

  4. Great peursuastion Stefan,
    I really think your peursuastion will persuade
    people to stop smoking.

  5. Wow I think that smoking should be band to