Monday, June 11, 2012

One minute to kick off!

One minute to kick off 3

Today we have a friendly match from the western rangers. Tumu rangers expected to win and also undefeated. And the lone rangers pretty good but lose streak of five but the streak broke in a mini tournament with only one win to break it. Anyway the game is pretty even. They walk out onto the field at stadium Saint Leonards. The legendary park of the western Rangers. Captains do the toss Luke Morgan and Stefan Krekeler Luke wins. And kick off in one minute for the Tumus. By the way im in the tumus the top team for the juniors in the Western Rangers.
Now its time kick off. Luke to Caleb Caleb back to Leyton Leyton long ball down to me and I cross wait no it's a goal Smashing 1 nil already. Looks like Tumus are going to Smash the Lone Rangers. Lone Rangers restart. Matt to Tyrin, Tyrin to Zade, Zade to Liam, Liam shoots hits the crossbar oh no its  goal 1 all!

Half time 1 to 1

Kick off to the Tumus Me to Leyton pass to James crosses it over and liam blocks the cross. Liam clears the ball down past half way, it’s a throw in. James throws it to me, I boot it down field oh it’s a goooal it just misses. Stefan boots it down field from goal. Peter receives it he toehacks and a goal! Unbelievable a soccer player toe hacks it and gets a goal that’s just bad! James and me restart. James passes it to me I randomly shoot from half way It has a curve on it OMG it’s a goal!  An impossible shot for the goalkeeper to save! He did get a fingertip touch though but it wasn’t enough! that means it’s 2 all this game is nail biting! Kick off to the Lone Rangers. Tyrin dribbling with skill but can not get past our sweeper Kody. Kody passes the ball down the field to me and I cross to Luke what a finish perfect placement between power and accuracy. Zade to Tyrin back to Regan oh it’s a goal! halfway stunner and its 4-3. Kickoff for the Tumus oh no they have given it back to Regan he gets to the edge of the box and the he shoots hits the crossbar! oh in comes liam it’s a goal! the crowd goes wild.

Full time.
4-4 it was a big match what a game.
see you next time on one minute to kick off 4.

Written by Brody and Stefan                               


  1. Great Stefan
    You and Brody did a great job!
    What is your favourite thing about soccer?

    1. Being in goal keep and saving awesome shots!

  2. Awesome Stefan! (and Brody.)
    I like your writing on 'One Minute to Kickoff' it's great.
    (Will Brody have this on his blog as well?)
    Are you doing this on every game of soccer you play?

    1. Brody will have this on his blog.
      Oh and by the way these games are made up! :)