Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter to V.M. Jones

Dear V.M. Jones,

Hi V.M. Jones, I’m Stefan. Your book Buddy is very very good! I like how you have lots of emotions in it! The book is great my class loved it! I like the characters and the  characteristics about them in it. For example how Josh has two secrets and that he has Suzzane in the house! Buddy is one of my favourite books I have ever read!

My favourite chapter was Going for gold! I like the name of the chapter as well. My favourite thing about the chapter is when he is racing on his bike and when Chantal has a little smoochy with him. My favourite character is Mr  Mitch he reminds me of the commander in Terra Nova.

I like writing as well! It is really cool, I like how you can write about anything and you can put anything you want down on the page and that you can retell about your life in a story as well. Writing is the best subject ever. I feel as if writing is constitutional like it belongs to me! Writing makes you feel free doesn’t it? Do you like writing rather than anything else? What do you like about writing? What are your sons’ names?

Yours sincerely,

Age 10

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  1. Great letter, Stefan.

    I love how you make a text to text connection. You are a wonderful writer and I can see how V M Jones has helped to inspire you.