Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lego robots summary


My Version:

The scientists at Cambridge University in England are experimenting by making a LEGO robot toy to be a complete help to the society by making them a full hour worker. What they have to do is dip, say a bolt into a dish of calcium and protein then they have to rinse the bolt in water. Then they have to dip it in phosphate and protein then they have to rinse it in water yet again, then you have to do the whole thing over again and again and again etc. They did this to make a new way to make artificial bones for future medical assistance and even for a material. The scientists chose to make robots out of LEGO to do the mundane tasks (boring tasks). So the robots were used to do all the boring jobs and to work 24-7, so the scientists arrived back in the morning to find the artificial bones samples ready to go.  

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  1. Good summarising, Stefan.

    You have put it into your own words and included key words from the text. It is succinct.