Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fortunately and Unfortunately

Fortunately I am now thirteen. Unfortunately my birthday was celebrated at Princess land. Fortunately they sold fairy sandwiches. Unfortunately the bread was pink. Fortunately they had a hot dog stand as well. Unfortunately the hotdogs costed seven thousand dollars. Fortunately I got mine for free! Unfortunately my sausage was burnt. Fortunately the sausages had cheese in them. Unfortunately I got food poisoning from them. Fortunately I got more presents. Unfortunately the hospital rooms stink! Fortunately, if i’m in hospital it means “NO SCHOOL!”. Unfortunately I was sent homework in a parcel. Fortunately at the hospital you ask for what food you want.  Unfortunately i’m not allowed the pizza. Fortunately I can have fish and chips. Unfortunately I can’t get the hot dogs from the fish and chips because I got food poisoning from them. Fortunately the chips are very very good!  Unfortunately that’s the only thing i’m allowed from fish and chips. Fortunately they wheeled into my room a playstation with a T.V. Unfortunately there is only educational games on it. Fortunately I got out of that day. Unfortunately that means... “SCHOOL”. The End

1 comment:

  1. Really funny Stefan! My favourite unfortunately was it only had educational games on it! What was your favourite unfortunately?