Sunday, June 17, 2012

6 Bizzarre excuses for not doing my homework

1. Umm... I was on the toilet and then after when it happened. After I finished with my business I accidently dropped it in the loo and then it was all brown and yellow which was good because that’s adding colour but it was all soggy! I suppose you are wondering why I had it in the toilet with me... well ummm I was completing it in there because then it would be quiet.

2. Umm... When I was making my breakfast of bacon and eggs I dropped it into the pan and it fried all the way through. It was tasty though ‘BURRP!’.

3. Umm... the cat took it for the wrong thing it thought it was newspaper and peed on it.

4. Umm... a creeper blew it up!

5. Umm... the army stole it. I was in Iraq and there were soldiers everywhere I came out of my bush and they thought I was an Iraque spy and they shot me, killed me and stole my homework.

6. Can I get back to you on that?


  1. Hilarious stuff, Stefan.

    I love how you put a Joey Pigza quote at the end!

    1. Hahah that's Hilarious Stefan
      my favourite point would most differently number 1
      how on earth did you come up with so much sick ideas

    2. You know sometimes you got movies that are cool but then Marcus would usually misunderstand some words and he will throw it all at you!

  2. Haha, very funny Stefan.
    My favourite is......THE WHOLE THING.
    What is your favourite?
    Have you used any of them before?
    Has any of them happened to you before?

    1. My favourite on would be the fifth one.
      No I always finish my homework... I suppose.
      The fifth one nah, none of them have happened.

  3. Wow Stefan!
    Those are pretty good excuses.
    They are so funny Haha!
    Well done! You would diffidently trick me!

  4. That is very funny Stefan
    those excuses are very bizarre
    I really love the first one.
    And even the 3rd one is awesome.
    Do you have a cat?

    1. We don't have one but there is a wild cat that always lives with us. Her name is Secrecy1.

  5. Awesome Stefan! I like the first one. What was your favourite?

  6. Funny Stefan,
    They are very funny and creative reasons for not doing your homework.Would you really use any of these reasons?

    1. Yes and no. I always finish my homework but if I did I would have much better ones.

    When I read them I started giggling the I was laughing out loud by the second sentence on number 1. My favroite is number one. What would you say if you were a teacher and a student said those excuses to you?

  8. Very funny, Stephan! It was really cool to read, a short story but filled with funny bits that made me want to read on.
    My favourite one is probably number 1 but it is a bit gross though.
    Anyway, keep it up, I'd love to see more funny stories posted!