Friday, May 18, 2012

Website write up

Warfare 1944

On Warfare 1944 you can choose which sides you want to be on (German or British, in the picture German).The object of the game is to either take their ground or make them surrender by killing lots and lots of their troops. There are 10 levels, each one has a different landscape and difficulty. There are also upgrade points that you get when you kill someone, upgrade points have to be saved up to be spent on upgrades.


In Poptropica you are an adventurer at the start and you travel to different islands in your blimp. Every island has a problem and you have to solve it. The object of the game is to complete all the islands and get the super medallion. There are new islands every 3 months. You can customize your person by using credits (you get 50 each time you complete an island). There are 15 islands at the moment. In the picture above I'm on Wimpy Wonderland and I'm looking for Manny (Greg's little brother). Wimpy Wonderland is a place in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Star Wars the Clone Wars 

My final description is on Star Wars the Clone Wars Adventures. You start off with only a cadet and you must customize him to be a clone trooper or jedi ( In the picture I have trained the dude to be a rank major Clone trooper). The object of the game (in the game way) is to play all the games and earn their achievements and high scores to be a top trooper. In the real game you are sent on missions to destroy the sith, you are also sent to do jobs on the front line (In the picture above I've been sent to give back up to a small republic outpost). You customize your trooper by spending credits and you earn credits by playing games.


  1. wow warfare sounds awesome.

  2. Cool Stefan this is amazing. How many Islands have you completed on poptropica?

  3. This is interesting. What site can you Star wars the clone wars on?