Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stefan's Monday Morning

“Wake up Sleepy head. Remember it’s Mum’s Birthday today and I want you to sing Happy-Birthday with Marcus,” whispered Dad trying not to wake up Mum in the Room next to us. ‘Eurgh!’ I wished that the holidays would not end and go for infinity, but Holidays are Holidays. It was cold, very cold, as cold as ANTARCTICA!

I stumbled to the door feeling sluggish and tired, flinging a warm and fluffy blanket over my frozen shoulders. I Tiptoe over to Mum and Dad’s bedroom, Dad was already there with Marcus at his side. Marcus had to cover his mouth to stop himself from giggling because Mum was snoring!(Very usual) “1, 2... 3!” whispered Dad. “Happy-Birthday to you Happy-Birthday...!” After singing Happy-Birthday we all went to the dining-room table to have Dad’s favourite Apple Pancakes with Whipped-cream and Maple-syrup. After having being stuffed with perfect Whipped-cream and Apple Pancakes I had gone to my bedroom to get my School stuff ready. Once I had my School-bag packed remembering to pack my computer, I was ready to ride my new Boulder 3 series Mountain-Bike with Disk-cycle Gears and Brakes to School.

There was a cold and cloudy fog outside, there was dew on the long grass and the bread from the Morning breakfast for the birds was scattered all over the back lawn. “Marcus, come on time to go to School!” I yell. I take my bike out from the garage and then leave outside all ready for the ride.

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  1. Haha I get the same feeling when I wake up.
    Like where it says as cold as Antarctica.