Sunday, May 6, 2012

My made up Camp Menu

BreakfastPancakes covered with whipped cream and maple syrupApple crumble with whipped creamWaffles covered with berries and maple syrupChocolate waffles with berriesApple pie in strawberry sauce
Morning TeaChocolate chip biscuits and appleWhite chocolate Biscuits and appleStarbread biscuits and appleWhite-bread Biscuits and appleSquiggles and apple slices
LunchChocolate shake with  lamb tacosCoca cola with chicken ripsCoca cola with wedgesChocolate shake with Chicken nibblesFree choice drink with chicken soup
Afternoon TeaMInce and cheese pieSteak piePotato top pieMince pieSteak and cheese pie
DinnerSausage rolls with tomato sauceKrabby patties with hot chipsMeat lovers PIzzaMince LasagneMacaroni Cheese
SupperMilo and cookieMilo and cookieMilo and cookieMilo and cookieMilo and cookie

My Disgusting Camp Menu

BreakfastFish gut on rhino beetle wafflesCockroaches in spider juiceWorm porridgeBird poo pancakeCrunchy lizard eyeball cereal
Morning TeaFrog intestine sandwich Worm in an appleWasp delightHu Hu surpriseTrash can soup
LunchOctopus tentaclesBlack widow pieBird feet chipsCigar ends on toastWhales backside on a plate
Afternoon TeaChicken tongueCow uddersSardine eye sushiFish egg lollipopHuman brain
DinnerEagle heartPenguin wartsDolphin stomachRotten eggsOrc ears


  1. Hi Stephan,

    Wow, talk about disgusting! I certainly wouldn't want to be sharing a table with you on camp if that's what you'll be dining on.

    Mind you... the 'wasp delight' does sound tempting!


    Mr Mills
    Berwick Fields PS

  2. Disgusting Stefan!!
    Now my mum knows what cook for tea tonight!

  3. Yuuuuuuuk! Nice Stephan.

  4. Gross Stefan,
    I love your ides on your disgusting menu but really creative.
    Love it.

  5. Yuck Stefan!
    I would love to taste your first one but not the second.
    But I like the idea of the table.
    Would you like to eat the disgusting one?

    1. Some But not all not in a Million years!

  6. Yuck Stefan! But very creative. Wonder what the Hu Hu suprise is?

  7. Great Stefan
    I like that you put a yucky and yummy one. I love to come over for the yummy one.
    What do you like the most on the first or second one?


    1. Good: Mince and Cheese pie
      Not so Good: Cockroaches in spider juice

  8. I like how you have a yuk and yum one. My favourite thing is mince and cheese pie.

  9. Cool Stefan.
    The top menu sounds yum the bottom one not so good but it is creative.
    I wound love the top menu for every week. What about you?

  10. Great menus Stefan, I like the fish gut on rhino beetle waffles that funny and disgusting. Keep up the great work.