Thursday, May 10, 2012

Man vs Wild (Amazon Jungle)

“Hello and welcome to Man vs Wild I’m Richard Fritzer and today I’m going to jump from a C-130 Hercules into the Amazon jungle” The jump light turns green “Ready go!” shouts the Loadmaster. Richard jumps from the plane and the land is rushing up to meet him, he releases his parachute.’Rriiipp!’ the rip cord is ripped. Richard lands in a tight clearing ‘Flump!’

“As you can see there is a lot of thick jungle, it goes on for miles.” says Richard “Your first prospective objective is to find a space for shelter” He looks around to find a tree of some kind with spread out branches, he finds a high tree. “As you can see that the tree here is tall with spread branches, something very ideal is that it is a tall tree so you can stay away from any animals on the ground and also it is likely that you’ll find fruit up in the high branches of the trees”. He starts to climb the tree, “Here we are, this is a good spot to camp out. now we need to find small branches to make a frame, like a floor so you can set up for camp,” Richard finds a lot of small branches, he chucks them up into the tree, they jam between a few branches. Now the climbs the tree. “Now you got to make sure that the branches are jammed real good and that they are really strong sticks,” ‘Snap!’ “Whoa!” he nearly falls. “As you would have seen, that stick wasn’t strong enough. This one will take its place,” says Richard.

“It is also very important to have a fire going as well, most of the sticks on the ground will be damp so we might need to snap some branches off the tree. You might also might want to get some sticky resin to make the fire going quickly,” Richard gets a decent fire going and he falls asleep.

“It’s five in the morning and you might see that baboon there up in the tree, a good sign saying that there is food around here,” Richard looks around from the top of his tree for some fruit on other trees around him. “There in that banana tree with the shrub down by the trunk look up a few metres and you might see a pack of bananas there! A slice of the good stuff you find,” He packs up his camp then he slides down the trunk of the tree and he runs over to the banana tree, he reaches up with a stick in his hand to wack down the bananas. “You always want to save some food unless it is meat, that is what you must eat while it’s fresh!” He eats two bananas and puts the rest in his Blue Kathmandu backpack.

“Let’s take a walk shall we?” Richard starts running in a random direction. ‘SHHHHHHHHHHHH’ “You can hear a river coming up” he says. “Well i’m low on our water supply so... we should fill these containers and bottles of water!” after he filled up the containers and water bottles we start running away from the river. “I’m going to climb this tree to the top so I can see over the canopy of all the trees,” Richard climbs the tree and sees a clearing about a mile ahead. He reaches for his compass “North-East, the clearing is North east from here,”
Richard starts running towards the clearing. After running a long way he reaches the clearing. Luckily there are some explorers here. “Yeah, here are some explorers. that means I have won over the wild. Victory!”.

THE END               

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  1. Cool storie Stefan,
    It has lots of action going on!
    It almost sounds like the actual program.
    Did you watch this Sunday