Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garfield Diary

This is my character scrap book of my Garfield Diary.
I made this scrap book from Character-Scrapbook

This is Garfield's Diary below.

5.00am: I am asleep so please don’t disturb!!!

7.30am: There was a crack between the curtains which suddenly woke me up! Oh great the day has started!

8.15am: Yay! I got a bowl of Whiskas and a bowl of milk! Finally there was some food around here! :)

10.45am: John goes to work. Yay! But Odie was still sitting beside me staring, scary!

11.00am: Time to have a nanny nap, I just couldn’t walk right at the moment.

11.30am: I searched the stainless banana peel fridge for some food. (I love throwing banana peels at it)
1.00pm: After an hour and a half of searching, I finally found where John put the lasagne.

2.00pm: Odie is annoying me so I sent him to do community service, so I could get some sleep.

3.30pm: Oops I made the wet patch on John’s favourite chair! so I go toilet on the kitty litter spot!

5.00pm: Oh no John is home AHHHHHHHHH!!! He sits on his chair that I forgot to clean. The horrible sight!

6.00pm: Dinner time! Eww! Slop with a sprig of rosemary. What a disgrace!

8.30pm: Finally it was sleep time, I had a long long day!

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