Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swimming sports 2012

“Clack, Splash!” The Clackers clack to show the start of the race. “The two of them are neck and neck with only 5 meters to go, who is going to win this heat!” commentates Mr Gifkins through the micraphone “Wow it is him The one and only champion of this heat”. Wow Mathew is good I wish I was as good as him at freestyle, I dreamed. I look back at Mathew being given the orange block for Takahe house. Mathew looks as shivering as a vibrating massage robot gone wacko, so what, he has got his towel to keep him warm.

“Step up!” shouts miss Paki. I feel all cramped and stiff in my arms and legs. “Set!” she shouts. My nerves start to build up in my tummy just before I’m gonna dive. “CLACK!” The clackers go off and I dive in, The water is extremely cold as clod as if you were in Antarctica, I get water stuffing up my mouth, it tastes of chlorine and atomic toadstools. I am in and under the surface of the pool and I start kicking and stroking dramatically through the Ice cold water. The water starts to pull me down under the water. it feels like it is just going to pull me down into a Black hole under water. I see all my friends and house Cheering for me each time I go to breath. Then I feel like a superhero flying through the water and I become 2ND to Kayden, but really what a race. Mr ford gives me the blue block for second place, it feels like a long hard bar of chocolate, I throw my placing into the Hoiho house bucket and then walk back to my seat covered in goosebumps.  

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