Friday, April 20, 2012

Shooting with my friends

“3, 2, 1. Fire!” ‘Bang!’ Liam shoots and misses the target. “Nice try," I say it only missed by a centimetre.” Then it’s Cameron’s turn. He pulls up the gun to in line with the target. ‘Bang!’ Cameron shoots at the target. We walk up to the piece of cardboard stuck to the tree. You can see the bullet missed because the bullet hole had just missed by a millimetre up from the target. 

Then it’s my turn. I pick up the lightweight slug gun, pull back the barrel and slide the slug in. I push up the barrel so it clicks. Quickly, I stand up then raise the butt of the gun so it rests in my shoulder. I look through the red dot mark scope. I make the red dot in line with the piece of cardboard, I pull the trigger. ‘Bang!’ The power over the bang strikes my shoulder. We walk up to the tree to see if it had hit. I see a very absolute sight. The bullet had hit the target and also penetrated the tree as well.


  1. Awesome Stefan!! :D
    It is like shooting at camp. I like how you say 'penetrated the tree'. Were did you do it?

  2. awesome writing It like camp