Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dodgeball Experience

“Out” shouts Miss Garland, Bianca gets pounded by the ball on the chest by Miss Garland. 
"Maybe next time," I say to Bianca. A ball whizzes past my head, I got to get back in the game. 

The enemy starts throwing everything they got at us. I dodge two balls that’s on path to my leg and chest. In the operation the enemy hits three of us Alexandra, Sami and Teva are out. 
“Room twenty is going down!” shouts Matthew. Our teams start to drop dramatically. Zeb out, Jacob out, Amy out, Katherine out and it keeps on going like that. I shout out to Brody “this is insane this place is becoming the invasion of Omaha beach!” It was useless the balls just keep on coming and he is out. 

I throw a dodge ball at Cody and I hit him. Then it hits Cameron. Two down, twenty three to go. A double out, what a shot. Angus chucks a ball at me and I catch him out. He storms off to the side to show that he is out. When I caught Angus, Alexandra came in. Brody catches Regan out! So our numbers stop dropping and start to rise. Brody catches Olivia, Parris catches out Josh and so on to three people caught. I slipped and landed face first into the mud ‘Squelch’. I get up and wipe the mud off. The mud tastes like chocolate dropped on a plateful of rotten peas. 

Matthew throws a ball at my chest and I just caught it before dropping it onto the muddy ground. “Out!" I shout to Matthew who was now slapping himself as he walked to the out line. There are about thirteen of room twenty people still standing in the battle zone and only around about seven room nineteen children left. That means that only one out would mean victory but there is only one problem it’s Miss Garland, Regan (who got back in), Cameron (who got back in), Cody (who got back in) and Matthew (who also got back in) who are left and also they’ve got all the dodge balls.

"3,2,1 and throw.” They all throw the dodge balls at us. I dodge 1,2,3 and... CATCH! I caught Miss Garland out and that means... 


  1. Loved the metaphor of the battle Stefan. Had me wanting to read to the end! I have forwarded this on to a couple of classes at Taupaki School. I hope they give you some feedback and perhaps share some of their writing with you

    1. I love it Stefan. I like how you tried to get everyone in the class in it.