Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Adventures of Birdie Bieber

Hi my name is Birdie Bieber or Bob for short. I am 18 and very fit. I look very weird because I was once inventing this freezeray but it all went wrong with the wrong mixtures of billybangs. I am going to tell you about one of my little adventures, oh and by the way I am also a very famous inventor and adventurer. 

So back to my story. One day I was just randomly piloting my flymobile to Birdieballoobattle Bay (which is a place were you can test out weapons or just fight plainly with guns) to test out my new weapon called the Infectoray. It sticks onto this tank I found which was probably made back in the humanoyears (the humans lived around 3,000,000 years ago). It was a ginormous vehicle which shoots bullets and shells up to 3 metres big (Isn’t that big?). So when I got to Birdieballoobattle bay there was this ginormous falcon in a Boeing 7-47 (I read about these in history class). It was a human bomber aircraft that drops bombs as big as glidermobiles. It was circling a small fantail that was holding a small worm to eat until the falcon dropped a bomb right on top of him. 

So I decided to take down this falcon and wipe him out of the skies. I flew over to the woodland forest for cover on a nearby cliff. I stationed myself on a clearing, I towed the tank with my invention attached onto it under a tree. I hopped into the tank looked at the controls and moved the barrel of the tank aimed at the Boeing 7-47 and took marks set and... shot the infectoray flew straight through the Boeing 7-47. It did hit it though, since I could tell because it started shrinking until it disappeared. 

Well I had taken out a Falcon and also tested my Infectoray. What a day! It has now been 30 beaks until that adventure so I will hopefully finish my next invention the Billybang Bomb starring me and my enemy the Cactus Cash Stealer.

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  1. I love your story Stefan. I like how you said something went wrong with the freeze ray.