Friday, March 23, 2012

White-water Rafting

My cup was filled with total excitement, we were getting into the water inside this 8 person inflatable rubber white-water rafting boat. I had to be sure this was safe so I asked Liam (our boat’s instructor) “Hey Liam have you ever tipped the boat going through a rapid?”
  “No not yet,” Liam replied. Good, I thought in my curious head. The water looked as cold as the Artic-circle’s water! ‘Slip, Smack!’ the raft slid and smashed onto a rock at launch. “OK guys we’re going to have to try catch up to the rest so I want you to paddle as hard and efficiently as you can, as if you were doing this in front of John Key!” said Liam. “OK guys this is our first rapid so hold on, lean in and pray for dear life. Nahh just jokes, this is a very little rapid so just Forward paddle!” We the Muffle Puffles paddled forward as if John Key was watching. “Stop, hold on, lean in!” squeaked Liam.

‘Vrim Flap Crash’ We started to go over the rapid. ‘Gnash’ we get over the rapid, I had to hold on to the safety ropes for dear life since of how we did the fastest 360 in the world! “guys forward paddle into this cliff” Liam shouted. We paddled into the sloped cliff and Liam jumped onto the cliff, climbed up to about a good diving spot, He crouched down and... Leaped and does a back flip into the freezing cold water. “Wow” we all say including the other groups! “We usually let you guys do that but the water is to cold for you” said Liam. Liam jumped back into the boat, “ forward paddle!” he says. Our group glided down the river in our boat. We had great expectations for what was next, so Liam yet again climbed up another small cliff and did a back flip off of it. Liam is a total show off I had thought to myself.

“Guys this corner up here is called Carnage corner and we are going to have to FORWARD PADDLE!” I had felt scared trying to get around that corner because I had a feeling that the boat would pop and we would all go screaming down the river! “Hold on and lean in!” Liam shouts! our boat’s nose goes straight up the side of the cliff “Weeeeee!” I shouted “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” My group screamed! We had got around the so called Carnage corner and started gliding down the river. I had slowly freezed going through the shadows of the tree hung cliffs, That was going to be a very long white water rafting trip...


  1. White water rafting looks like fun.

  2. Cool story I like it allot.I like that you put the video on it.

  3. Awesome story Stefan. I like all like all the nouns.