Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Invasion of Omaha Beach

“60 seconds and get your heads down!” shouts the landing craft captain. The ninety of us all get our heads down. We were part of the 367th infantry on our way to hell. My landing partner starts to pray. I look over the top of the landing craft to see Omaha beach. It was gonna be a long and hard battle especially with those pill boxes. 

“30 seconds...” shouts the captain “...and keep it tight” 
‘BOOM!’ The enemy have taken fire. ‘BOOM!’ The landing craft 50 metres away from us blows up and Sergeant Dillies flies up dead and lands in the sea. I hear the sound of machine guns crackling. It hacks holes in the side of our landing craft.
"15 seconds!” shouts the captain. We were part of D-day and H-hour. ‘Bang!’ The Nazis managed to hit the co-captain of this craft. 
“I’ve been hit. Ahhh!” Then he gets hit again and falls of the back of the landing craft. 
“5 seconds!” shouts the captain. I give last wishes for the world. ‘SMASH!’ The landing craft hits land and the platform door falls open. “Move, move, move!” shouts the captain. 
‘Arggghhh’ Private Antallies gets killed. I sprint out the platform door. I hear the sound of bullets whizzing past my head. I hide behind a metal short stopper for cover, I shoot a few rounds at an enemy pill box and kill one of the Nazis in the turret station. 

My landing buddy is lying in the water of the beach dead, he must of drowned falling over. Men pile out of all the landing craft around us. Some drop dead and some find cover and the rest sprint toward shore. I take a breath and do the same. I’m sprinting down the beach, I get shot in the leg but I do not feel it all because of  my enthusiasm. About twenty men around me fall to the ground. A medic races to one of them to assist them but he gets shot in the head while he was giving him a bandage. 

Captain Gregg threw a hand grenade into a fort and blew up everyone in it and we used it for cover ‘PANG’ a bullet just about hits my face. “Get up against the wall!” shouts Captain Gregg over the noise of the enemy machine gun. “There is a MP4 and MEG up there if you lose concentration you are toast so don’t let that happen now, men.” 
“Run!” shouts Sergeant York. All of us run through the cold muddy ground. 
‘Arghhh’! Private Dearj drops to the ground with blood squirting out of him. 
“Keep running our sniper will take em out!” screams Captain Gregg just before death. That’s me, I think. I find a nearby hole and jump into it. I pull out my sniper ‘ZIP’ a bullet misses my leg. 
“Get this punk killed  for Britain,” I whisper. I aim for the forehead of this Nazi, I lean against my gun then... ‘Bang!’ I shoot the Nazi with the MEG. Then I go aim for the second Nazi with the MP4. ‘Gahh’ Private Recon falls to the ground. I aim for the next Nazi, pull the trigger an’ then he’s down dead. So I run to the targeted area where the rest of my men are and then I tell them now to "Get up in that bunker and take out those machine gunners that are taking out our men, OK. Now go, go, go!” The five of them run with me behind them. “Now sssshhhh, we are in the enemy bunker so you got to keep quiet,” I whisper to them. We all walk silently toward the gun station, I peek around the corner. “There are two officers and five soldiers we are gonna need a concussion grenade,” I say to my troops. I unclip my one and only grenade and pull the safety pin. I do a direct throw between one of the officers legs, “get down!” I shout. ‘BOOM!!!’ the whole entire bunker.

Then that is the end of that. Its the end of D-day 6th June, Omaha beach, Normandy.
All Hail the Allies!!


  1. Very cool Stefan. I like how you put the link to the world war 2 and 1 facts. How did you get the idea for this story.

    1. From a memorial I saw in Wellington

  2. Wow amazing Stefan!
    did you make that up?
    its awesome :)

    1. Yes but it's based on true facts