Thursday, February 16, 2012


The salty water looks ice cold especially on a day like this when it’s probably 100 degrees. But I am gonna go in even if it is 100 degrees below 0. I throw my towel onto the boiling hot sand.

When I run to the water, the breaking waves reach my toes. I was definitely right, the water was freezing but it was not as cold as I expected it was slightly, just slightly warm. I keep running through the water towards the waves. The water reaches my knees and it cools them down real quickly. I keep running, the water reaches my hips and slows me down. I keep running but it feels like I’m walking so I try to run faster, the water reaches my chest and it completely cools me down.

Wow I’ve never ever felt a feeling like this! It feels like you could just float away. Everything becomes perfect besides that big wave that's heading toward me, wait that big waves heading towards me! I wade out to it and dive under I come out from under the cold water, I see a pontoon out about 50 meters away from me, I swim freestyle out to it, I climb up the the ladder. On top of the pontoon is a little bit of seaweed but who really cares about seaweed on here. I kick the seaweed off the pontoon and it floats away into nowhere. I look around, I see and lathe sea and the land. The land is high and the horizon is flat.

I dive off the pontoon back into the cold water I swim freestyle back to land on the way I stop and just float looking up to the light blue sky. With no notice of it, a wave wipes me out and washes me up to shore. The seaweed around me is as green as grass and the stones are grey as ever. Another wave washes me higher up shore. I stand up, One minute I was a boiling egg and the next I’m in Antarctica, I walk up the beach back to my towel which is now all sandy. I dry myself off with my blue towel then I slowly walk back up the green hill towards home.

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  1. There are some incredible descriptions in this writing, Stefan. You are really using your senses and taking risks with your vocabulary. You are putting really neat details in there, like the towel now being all sandy.