Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garfield Funnies

Volume 1:

John sees Garfield walking to him with arms out.

Garfield: I caught the mouse!

Mouse: Then guess what happened?

Garfield: hey, who’s telling this story?

Mouse: well excuuuse me!

John looks like ‘here we go again!’

Volume 2:

Garfield has arms up high.

Garfield: It’s John!!!

John: I’m out of food

Garfield: Can we get a different John in here!

Garfield snaps fingers 3 times, snap snap snap!

Volume 3:

Mice having conversation.

Mouse 1: Cats are dangerous

Garfield: YYAAWWNN!

Mouse 2: or so I have heard

Volume 4:
Mouse walks along table scratching back with john and Garfield staring

Mouse in the middle of table leaving fur trail behind him

Mouse: BURP!!!

Mouse goes scratch scratch scratch on the bum now, still with John and Garfield staring.
Mouse has left table with fur all over the table.

John says to Garfield: Your a bad influence on the vermon.

Garfield: Hey!!!
Volume 5

John and Garfield are eating sandwiches for lunch at table.

John: did you spit out your gum Garfield ?

Garfield: Nope

The two carry on eating.
Garfield: I left it in your sandwich till after lunch.

John blows bubble from garfields gum on accident.

Garfield website


  1. Fantastic dialogue writing, Stefan. Well done for putting the link to the Garfield website.

  2. Cool jokes Stefan im still laughing about them now!!!

  3. not jokes, comics

  4. very cool stefan I love it

  5. Awesome Stefan I love it why because its funny and i love Garfield did you write it or copy and paste it :P Eden

    1. I Wrote it Eden:) but based on the real Garfield comics!

  6. Wow you did an awesome job