Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The feelings of the outside world

The warm breeze of the wind makes me feel at home.

The sound of cicadas makes myself feel like I'm listening to a wonderful orchestra.

The sound of playful children playing on the playground around me feels soothing.

The smell of the dreadful compost is repulsive but comforting.

The solid feeling of the hard dry dirt below me feels like iron armour.

The time when the leaves around me start to fly makes me feel like I’m in Paradise, when everything around me becomes lifted from my shoulders

It starts to become dark but I still stay outside. The mosquitoes start to bite with their sore itchy venom.

The dark black growing clouds above me warns me that it's going to pour with rain.
The dark black clouds create thumping thunder then lightning comes from the sound of thunder.

The sound of the thunder is like a returning foe the thought of a returning foe sends a chill down the back of my spine.

The cold rain falling around me feels like to go home and get warm by the burning fire.

The feeling of the outside world.


  1. Awesome writing Stefan!!!

  2. wow! Stefan it fells like your in the poem.

  3. Cool story Stefan and thank you for helping me.

  4. I like how you show your emotions in this writing, Stefan.