Friday, December 14, 2012


Peanut Horror from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Bob Jerry

Jerry bob


Watch my very nutty video of the year. Enjoy!!!

A-Z Tekkit Minecraft

A. Alchemy bag
B. Building cart
C. Compressor
D. Diamond handsaw
E. Electric Furnace
F. Fire rod
G. Generator

I. Incinerator
J. Jet-pack
K. Knife
L. Lunar Dust
M. Marble
N. Nunchuk
O. Oil
P. Project table
Q. Quarry
R. Ruby
S. Sapphire
T. Thaumium
U. Uranium
V. Vis Crystal
W.Water cell
X. XNOR Gate
Y. Yellow Lumar
Z. Zero

Thanks for reading!!!
By Stefan

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Close Call Part 2

Last time on Close call...

I tried to close my eyes but the cool air kept them wide open. Then I heard something... a snap then the framing gave way.

I tumbled off the bike cutting my knee open on the side of the track. I was rolling down a track at high speed. I rolled forward and bent my neck. The rest of the bike came crashing on me. In no time I’ll get to the bottom of the track. The people at the bottom screeching and yelling. Then out of nowhere a helicopter appears. A man throws down a rope from the helicopter. Then the man slides down the rope. He reaches out to grab my hand. I reach out as well. He yells fireman’s grip. I have no idea what he is saying but I grab his wrist. He tugs me up. I’m on the rope then there is a loud snap. I had broken my leg against the side of the track. The mysterious man yells up to the helicopter and the rope gets pulled up. Me and the man are pulled up into the heli.

The bike reaches the end of the track but doesn’t stop. There is a big boom as the bike blows up. “Luckily I wasn’t still rolling down the track when that bike blew up!” I say in disbelief. Then I’m pushed out of the chopper I turn around in the air and the man who helped me up, pulled off his mask and then I realised, it was the poor man who burnt in the house fire, caused by me. I look down, the ground rushes up to meet me. I close my eyes waiting for imminent death. “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11, hmm this is taking a while,” I open my eyes. Everything is in slow motion but I still hit the hard ground.

I wake up. What a crazy dream! I look around in my messy bedroom. Then out of the sudden my bedroom door blows open. There is a bright light at the door. The light enticed me in. I walked towards the light like a zombie. I step through the door...
Then I wake up again! I pinch myself to be sure nothing. So this is the real world. I get out of bed look through the door. Nothing. I walk downstairs and have breakfast.

The Close Call Part 1

It seemed like torture. Looking down off the sides I could see little tiny buildings but as punishment I had to test it. The ride needed to be tested with a real living person. The dummies the people were using kept ripping up or snapped going down. The ride was called the Close Call or what I like to call it the ride from hell. I hopped on to the very modern bike with all it’s gadgets bare. I felt the safety harnesses wrap around my ankles and wrists automatically. People were cheering around me but all I could hear was the poor person crying for help. I could only feel a rock hard heart inside me thrashing around ready to be stopped.

The man in the operation booth asked “Ready?”
“Yes,” I replied but all I felt like saying was no. “ 3... 2... 1... Go!” the metal clip that was holding the bike all along, let go. Me and the the bike zoomed away. My heart was humming like a humming bird. I tried to close my eyes but the cool air kept them wide open. Then I heard something... a snap then the framing gave way.

To be Continued...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Maths Building

This is me and Brody's Fotobabble of our 24 cube building.
Could you design it?
Here is my buddies post.

A-Z of Minecraft

A: Armour keeps you safe.
B: Bucket helps you carry water or lava (L).
C: Cow drop beef and leather when killed.
D: Dungeons spawn hostile mobs.
E: Egg throw them to make chickens.
F: Fishing Rods can catch fish.
G: Gold makes clocks.
H: Herobrine will haunt your player.
I: Ice can be melted by lava and torches.
J: Jack o’ Lanterns are made from torches and pumpkins.
K: Kittens scare creepers away.
L: Lava is dangerous very dangerous.
M: Mine Shafts might have chests with watermelons in them.
N: Nether ghasts blazes and zombie pigmen spawn there.
O: Obsidian can make a portal to the nether (N).
P: Porkchops are dropped when pigs are killed.
Q: Book and Quill you can write diaries from.
R: Redstone ore lights up when hit or stood on.
S: Squid drop ink sacks when killed.
T: Temples have traps and chests.
U: Underworld that’s where you find the Ender-dragon.
V: Vines you can climb them.
W: Wolf can be bred to dogs with bones.
X: Xtra Diamonds are awesome.
Y: Yumm a feast of pork, cake, apples, cookies and pie.
Z: Zombie pigman become hostile when hit.

Thanks for reading!
by Lachlan and Stefan

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Discovery (The boys side) chapter 1

      Key words:
  • Safe cycling

  • Hill

  • Skidded

The Discovery (The boys side of it) Chapter 1

Ok let’s prove something to you! This is our side of the million dollar discovery so you better just go with it ok? Good, Now let’s start off the story like this:
There were two 11 year old boys that were very arrogant, defiant,  naughty children and their names were Xavier and Stefan. Once again they had run away from school to prove to the teachers to show who was lazy. They were out Safe Cycling and had borrowed some other peoples bikes.

They were out cycling in a group with Mrs Poppins (AKA Mrs Plop in) when the teachers pet... ‘Jamen’ told us off for twiddling with his bicycle seat. The the teacher had reacted saying “You little twerps, Your so lazy!” Blah Blah Blah Blah Ok laters... so we ran away to our hideout on Skeleton Hill the scariest most haunted hill on earth.

It is said that a  small boy was once biking down the hill and his tyres blew up he skidded into a rock knocking him out and was never seen again. Our hideout was in mixed places. Some of it was in the enormous dead oak tree at the top of the hill, then there was the other bit which was at the base of the dead tree. Nobody ever dared to go up that hill so we are pretty safe there.

Before we explain about the hut we want you to promise on your life... that you won’t tell anybody about it. If you do we will hunt you down. Ok now let’s get on with it. For our hut we have a dark camouflage tarpaulin covering each part of the hide out, the tarpaulin was held up by netting that was either tied to some branches or were tied on tent pegs. At the bottom of the tree we had a mat that we could lie on. In the tree we had wooden planks and a rug over that for a floor. We had one of those portable power sockets that could go anywhere that we stuck to the side of each of our work benches so we could charge our computers and PSP’s.

When we were going up to our hut we stumbled upon a very familiar looking rock. But the thing that scared us was the old bike. With only one tyre, and the other tyre and it’s wheel in pieces strewn all over the place. That’s when we saw it...